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Privacy Issues


The calculators provided in these pages are computer programs written in the Java™ (Sun Microsystems) language. When you view their web page, the binary code for the program is copied to your computer and executed by your web browser, if it supports Java. If it does not, you will not see any calculator. None of the information you type and none of the results they generate are ever sent outside your computer memory. You may operate your web browser to copy to a disk file or to print the information on your screen while you use these calculators, if you wish, but these operations are under your browser's control and are not done by the calculator. These programs do not keep any record of what you typed or the results and they do not write anything to your disk storage or to the web. Indeed, properly configured Java-enabled web browsers will enforce these restrictions even if the Java program were to ignore them, but these calculators make no attempt to circumvent these restrictions. Thus, you may use these calculators without concern that the information they use or display could be seen by anyone else, including by the author of these programs.

You may also download your own copy of each of these calculators so that you can operate them on your computer without needing to be connected to this web site or without even being connected to the web at all. Both the binary (byte code) and the source (Java code) may be downloaded with the instructions shown on each calculator. These calculators and the source code are free, and they are provided without warranty of any kind. See these license terms for the full details.

Concerns or comments on these issues may be sent to the author of the programs, Walter Eastes.

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